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Guy in a rant blames Obama for destabilising his chances to get girlfriend

I can’t believe that there can be someone blaming the prestigious presidential post for causing a hindrance in the path of a potential relationship with a girl or a guy. This dude, however, rants on Obama and calls him a bad influence on his dating life. Everyone might be thinking that how can Obama be a bad influence in the dating life of this dude? Well, according to this guy, Obama is the reason for that divide between men and women.

Obama as far as I remember left America in a good condition, the economy is as strong as it was in the past and not to mention Obama Care which everyone talks about when it comes the topic of health and insurance. Obama indeed was a revolutionist as he was an African American and America choosing him as a President surely was a win of no discrimination. Trump on contrary has different policies especially for North Korea and Asia.

Read out the opinions of some people who are criticizing Obama for his bad governance.

The last lines of his concern are somewhat stupid. Rest governance is not an easy task as it takes time to show results. These comments and the original post was made on the Reddit. As you can see that the moderator of this particular group on the Reddit have already flagged the post as pathetic.

Everything is bad right now, I noticed men and women are divided too. I’m nearly 30, good looking, fit, good job and I can’t for the life o me find a girlfriend.

Obama has nothing to do with the girlfriend availability of this dude and it’s funny that how people relate a presidential candidate to their personal life. A leader is much more than these silly ideas and everyone can act like a leader by taking responsibility for his deeds and thoughts.

Someone in the comments even said that Obama was the worst president in the history of America. It’ s a pity that how with small and short information people make long and solid opinions.


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