Guy puts a child predator on blast at a carnival on Facebook live

Written by Wamiq Ali

Police are currently investigating a case where a man was reported as a child predator. He was allegedly looking forward to meeting a young girl at a carnival with intentions of luring the girl and using her for his personal gains. The guy who filmed this incident confronted the man. As a result, the guy filming the video got punched in the face.

Later chat screenshots showed the dude in the pics and it was enough for the cops to get all the details. The dude in the video gave excuses like he was looking out for a girl just for his friend. Quite a weird excuse I ever heard in ages from someone.

This guy, Chase Karnas, who caught this dude on Facebook live, wrote on Facebook:

Here we go!! Please like and share this!! At the lloyd exhibition in Saskatchewan!! Let him be known!! Kids everywhere and he hit me in the face!!

Karnas released a public statement that he is giving every possible detail to the police in order to get this guy behind the bars. He also stated that he knows the person and knows where he works.

This guy Karnas handled such cases in past too, in the past he used to publish chat logs too, but he had to stop that practice of making evidence public because ethnically Facebook wouldn’t allow him to do so! He gets banned.

The guy who got busted in the carnival at Facebook live

Karnas posted another update telling people that the guy was a king pin drug trafficker in fort mac, he even sold fentanyl. For his crimes and for selling drugs, he got 10 years jail time. This time he’s out to lure kids, don’t let him go silent. Let’s get him to the streets and make others know his name. Karnas further added that he’s trying to get this guy behind bars for as long as his crimes require.

Then another update was posted, where some people allegedly described the man as someone who had done a murder back in 2005.

Watch the recorded Facebook live session,

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