Guy outrages social media, sharing his brother controversial school assignment

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Apparently someone on social media has gained all the attention which anyone can every think about, just because of the sensitiveness of the topic. This user u/AidanHC went to Reddit and shared a home assignment which his little brother obtained from the school. The assignment contained a set of xenophobic and far right ideology. The brother of the concerned child was worried and thus he openly shared it on the social media. (Now, we don’t know how much veracity it holds, but something must have happened.)

My little brother is a Junior in high school. Today he was handed this by his teacher and was expected to work on it. This is what the American Youth are being Taught!!!!!!

The guy shared the image of the assignment documents on the Reddit. He captioned the image as above. 

The image has not been uploaded here in the best resolution because there are a series of ideas inside these documents which might hurt other people and visitors who have a neutral idea about the body politic in general. The documents which the kid were assigned contained a set of far-right and supremacist ideas. Something which is not relevant in the current world where hate has already mongered a war on terrorism.

The documents alleged some propaganda being run by the Fox News against the people of color and it further elaborated the benefits which one can gain being Caucasian in color. Everyone can pretty much understand the direction which this assignment was going to take. The brother, pretty much worried, took the assignment from the kid and posted it on the social media for an open debate. The name of the school was not mentioned in the post.

Whether this assignment is about any race or about the other, it’s wrong the both ways. Being a colour or race specific is a pretty bad thing to be done especially when someone is a kid. These kids are like a plane piece of paper and they haven’t yet developed their habits. Once they will go out in the world then they would have a free ground to exercise the ideas developed during their school time.

What if it’s a made up story by the person who shared it?

Well, even if it’s a made up story, there is some potential of negativity which lies in the person’s mind who so ever created those documents. The picture shows that those documents exist and there is some needed Education Reform to give an alternate narrative to the kids so that they may not exercise extremism once they grow older.

Note: This story is building, there are initial reports about some school being involved in this however its name is not mentioned in this article unless things get clear.

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