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Guy orders “Snopp Dogg & Cat Joke” for wife & this hotel actually fulfills it, see!

Oh man, this dude is totally absurd as he ordered a printed joke at hotel containing both Snoop Dogg and a Cat. He does the same with almost every hotel but this was the very first hotel in his life which actually fulfilled the order and brought it into his room. He made such a request to the hotel because his wife liked both the cat memes and Snoop Dogg. To his utmost surprise when he entered the room, the joke in the printed form was already present on the bed.

The request was made as a pre-requisite from this guy while booking the hotel. He asked the hotel for a Snoop Dogg picture along with a funny joke about the cats.

My wife really loves Snoop Dogg and jokes about cats. Could someone print out a funny picture of a cat and a picture of snoop dogg and leave them on the bed. Thanks!

The hotel he booked was King and Prince which is located on Saint Simons Island. The guy uploaded the update on Reddit using his account Edawg661 and captioned the image as, “Been putting in silly special requests when booking hotel room for a few years now. King and Prince, on Saint Simons Island, is the first hotel to actually fulfill my request. Priceless.

It’s quite unusual for a hotel to get at such an amazing customer service level. The owner of the hotel must have some deep love for the customers who made the employees of the hotel so punctual about their needs. Below you can see the visual picture of the Snoop Dogg and the cat joke which was waiting for the guy on his bed in the hotel room.

The unusual request completed!

Look at the details of the request completion, the hotel management indeed put up a meme using a cat along with a picture of Snoop Dogg. Along with these two they also placed a printed joke on the bed. Amazing!

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