Guy moves court to change his age from 69yo to 49yo

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Mr Ratelband has moved the court for all the awkward reasons. He feels like entitled to get his current age changed. At moment he ages 69 but he plans to get it changed to 49 years, which means he wants to get young in papers. One can think the basis of such a strange stance and the legal basis for such a petition. Any sane person will not comprehend the basis of such a new claim. This is first time that a news on such a topic is being published. It was initially reported by Mirror, a leading UK magazine.

Mr Ratelband based his claims on the trans-people. He says that if they are allowed to get their gender listed according to their own will then he must be allowed the same based on the equal rights. This simple pensioner on the basis of this notion has launched a legal battle. He wants his age to be changed.

Why would he want his age to be reduced?

He plans on using Tinder with his age reduced. He also wants to get back to the work. He said that his claim is based on his feelings. He feels 20 years younger at this moment. Thus, he decided to move the court based on his feelings. He has based his argument on the rights of trans-community. He also plans on using a medico-legal report to get his age changed. He claimed in an interview that his doctor has told him about his 20 years younger self. He said that doctor said he was now 20 years younger than his actual age.

He is from the Netherlands and he is suing all the concerned authorities in the court who decided not to change his age. He said that he wanted his age to get changed in the legal documents. His case has been forwarded to the city of Arnhmen in the eastern Dutch province of Gelderland.

This guy was born in 1949 but as he feels 20 years younger thus he wants this to be changed to 1969. He also says that as he has gone through a medial checkup thus his biological age is 45 years. He think that on Tinder his age is 69 and because of that he barely gets an answer. He believes after his age is declared 49 he would be in luxurious position. He believes that every problem he faces in society is because of his increased age.

Obviously, the court is going to avoid reducing the age as this will set an awkward precedent.

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