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Guy mourns over her 7 yo fiancé on Facebook who died during 9/11 and internet loses patience

Written by Wamiq Ali

Stupidity on Facebook has become a trend and looks like everyone is trying to take a leap on the other to win this game. This guy mourns over her fiancé who had died in 9/11 incident. Someone pointed out her age when 9/11 happened and it was merely 7 years.

Now either the guy was making a point about 9/11 to get famous or he wanted to prove himself stupid on Facebook. He surely made his way to Reddit and Twitter for what he posted on Facebook but people aren’t giving him a welcome card. He even included a grown up picture of her fiancé which he claimed to have been edited by the scientists. The scientists speculated the looks of hisfiancé and created an old age digital picture of the deceased girl.

The post contained, “Happy 23rd birthday to my beautiful fiancé, hope you are looking down on me form the heavens and smiling with those big white teeth of yours! Still can’t believe its been nearly 16 years since that fateful day they took you away from me? I would give anything to have you back in my arms again babe, sleep tight and I love you so much. #myangel #september11th2001 #neverforget #beautiful.

We hid the identity of the person but it was posted some days ago on the Facebook. Now if you calculate the girl’s age it comes out to be 7 yo at the time of 9/11 which is quite insane. The last comment on the post looked quite right as the woman found it un-authentic post and she also told him to stop making fun of the 9/11 incident as there were many beloved people who lost their lives. 9/11 was a tragedy which made a deep place in everyone’s mind.

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