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This guy makes a deadly mistake to film “Quick Sand Escape Video” for the Fans

A guy makes a quick-sand escape video and tries to help himself while saving his life. Unfortunately, as the video tells that he didn’t do well in the sand. However, let’s make some facts clear, he’s known as BoggyMan and his last public video on Youtube was years ago.

The guy seems to make a video for his youtube channel, he had done similar videos before. He jumps into the quick sand and then tries to make room for his escape. Half way down the body, submerged in the deep sand he tries to make enough room for his escape. He tries hard to grip something good enough to leave the sand. The video shows his struggle and him drowning completely in the sand.

Now, you watch the video yourself and see what had happened.

We’ve embedded the youtube hosted-video of the incident. The same video is also available on the viral video’s website “Viral Leak”. Anyway, the internet claims the man to be dead, well that’s not the case.

The BoggyMan has created another Youtube account where he is quite active. The man actually makes his video unlisted for a specific reason. He’s an active member of the quick sand community. The last post he made on the forum was like 8 days ago of compiling this post.

Now, let’s make some quicksand facts straight. The quick sand has specific properties. A man can drown half way inside the quick sand and then the buoyancy force comes into the play. This force actually moves the man in the upward direction while balancing his weight. This ensures that a person doesn’t drown inside the quicksand.

However, there can be other variables too which can be deadly like the waves appearing in the quick sand. Rest is fine, but again there is a room for the error. The buyout force is quite helpful.

In his last post, BoddyMan states that he has bought a waterproof camera, Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS2, to better film the videos. Well, what a man!

He’s alive, don’t worry guys!

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