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Guy leaps into the ocean to catch the unhooked fish bare handed

Written by Logical Men

Fishing is the favorite hobby of a lot of people. Many people enjoy going on a fishing holiday just to feel less stressed and enjoy a gathering with their family. This one activity can prove to be quite social in nature as enjoying a good time with friends and family helps to learn more about them. This activity can be boring if someone is a staunch believer of animal rights.

This one guy took fishing to some other level by jumping into the ocean. His obdurate desire to catch the fish which got unhooked made him jump into the ocean. He decided to catch the fish barehanded. The fish had escaped the rod clenched in its mouth and this fishing enthusiast decided to use his hands instead.

The poor fish came with this guy in one way or the other. The video uplaoded by the ViralHog can be seen below:

Mr. Brian Crawford recorded the footage of the entire effort. He is the best friend of the guy who jumped into the ocean for sake of an escaping fish. Both of them were enjoying their fishing activity at Dana Harbour Point in Orange County. Both of these friends were on a hunt for the large halibut. Brian’s friend caught the fish. But, as they tried to reel it in, it got unhooked. Brian’s friend decided to jump in the ocean to catch the escaping fish.

Without thinking my best buddy jumped into the ocean, grabbed the fish and stuck his hand in the fish’s mouth to be able to land the fish into the boat. (said Brian)

Brian said that this was the most American thing to watch someone dive into water because of an escaping fish. He called himself lucky for watching such a thing live in his life. He said that it was all spontaneous and out of the blue.

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