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Guy knocks out girl with chair after she stabs him in face

Written by Wamiq Ali

A lady used a cane as a sword and stabbed a dude in the face. His eye might have been injured due to the sudden cane attack. Lucky for the guy that he didn’t get injured enough to be not able to reply back to the lady. He, later on, tossed a chair on the lady’s face.

We are yet not clear that what started the fight and why the lady chose to stab in the dude’s eye. The dude reply was rather less severe in nature and the passersby were also trying to control the dude rather than the woman. The video of the incident got shared on Facebook and people in the comments started to give favour to the dude. They left comments like “The woman is acting b**** and the dude did well with her”. Some people were also outraged on the dude for hitting a woman so hard with the chair that she was unable to remain standing on the ground.

I can’t decide who did a mistake and if the lady deserved a chair shot. You can watch the video yourself and give a decision.

Dude Fighting and tossing a chair.

The woman also took down a parked scooter while she fell down after a chair was tossed at her. I might have watched a lot of fight videos in my lifetime but I’ve never seen a common woman stabbing a dude in the eye using a sharpened cane. It’s pure brutality and if someone’s eye gets damage then it’s a big loss.

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