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Guy interviewed his daughter on the first day of school for the last 12 years. He made this video for her graduation.

School’s first day is epic for every parent but a little bit awkward for the kids. I remember my first day wasn’t much full of happiness as I was thinking my parents were throwing me away, freeing themselves of responsibilities. The school is the first stage for every kid’s grooming, they meet with other kids, make some new friends, learn about other kids life, try to make some groupings and finally endure the tough schedule of study.

This dad filmed her daughter for the last 12 years and then he decided to compile a surprise video as a graduation gift for her daughter. He kept on interviewing and recording her daughter just before every school’s first day. The very first video of the kid showed she was six-year-old while she was planning to get into first grade. The kid seemed a little bit of camera shy as she had no idea at that time about the upcoming graduation gift in near future.

Mckenzie, his daughter, featured in the film, got interviewed on the every first day of the school. She graduated this year in 2017. In the first video, she told her dad that she was going to school and would learn some colouring and writing. In the 4th grade video, she can be seen eating some ice cream while telling her dad that she had a lot of homework. In the sequence come other videos before the start of every new class. Then in the end after graduation, she is given a surprise, which is so very sweet and every parent to be must keep this surprise in mind.

I think you must have gotten emotional after watching the complete video, looking at this fine girl growing up each year and becoming more confident. I think the dad did something very amazing which is a good gift of love to his daughter.

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