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Guy goes on Twitter and brutally roasts PETA, people are finally realising the truth

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals declare themselves are world’s largest organization ranked number 1 for the animal welfare. However, this Youtube vlogger Calum McSwiggan has recorded his views otherwise. He recently had mentioned a Twitter rant to show off the organization’s true colors.

The ad in the cover pic actually outraged a lot of people. If you search PETA’s lamb ad then you’ll find all the rant.

After some investigations done by both open and private sources, PETA has come under a lot of fire. People are losing their interest in PETA because of their dual standards. A group recently claimed that PETA shelter served the purpose of slaughterhouse rather than a safe house for animals. This was issued in March 2016 press and was backed by Center for Consumer Freedom. PETA was reportedly involved in euthanizing more than 1400 cats and dogs. Later, PETA declared it as economically and ethically an essential action.

McSwiggan’s thread has gone viral on Twitter. Gaining over 11k likes and 18k retweets. People in replies are asking questions which PETA never faced before. You should go through all the tweets which this guy made, and meanwhile, I embed them here for you, just to save you from the hassle of searching long Twitter thread.

Meet Calum McSwiggan, an internet activist who rights for LGBT rights and other social issues. In his recent endeavors, he mentioned PETA cruelty with other proof.


These are the Twitter screenshots of this thread which he posted against PETA blaming them of conducting animal cruelty.


He accuses PETA of killing more than 30k cats and dogs under the banner of “Kind thing to do.” He said that those cats and dogs were healthy enough to be treated with death.

Guy even manages to pull in super Mario and a custom version of Pokemon Go to unveil PETA’s actions and general mandate on Animal welfare.

That incident, where a guy saved his pet dog from a kangaroo. PETA took much interest and tried to prosecute the guy for animal cruelty.

The guy’s next rant goes in the favor of a photographer.

Other allegations include encouraging people to make cats eat vegetables although knowing that meat is good for cat’s health. He claimed that PETA doesn’t target those who are an actual threat to animals. It instead shutdowns independent farmers and small business owners. He said that PETA instead of facilitating people to eat vegetables, it fills in their social feeds with animal cruelty to make people suffer from emotional pain. It’s quite unethical to market people in this way, showing them animal cruelty.

Don’t support an organization that cares more about itself than the animals it calims to protect. Support a worthy charity instead, says McSwiggan

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