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Guy goes through brutal ‘Slip N Slide’ covered in ‘Sand Paper’ Challenge

Written by Wamiq Ali

Just watching the video and hearing the guy screaming as his skin peels against the sand paper of the slide gave me goosebumps. This guy is from the famous youtube channel TGFBro.

A bunch of guys wanted to create an internet video, thus they came up with an idea of sand-paper-slide. They spent days to select the right slope on the mountain top. The next step was to select the material of the slide and after that taping the sandpaper on the slide.

I think I don’t like to hear the sound of the sand paper because that high pitch sound kind of creating electric pulses inside my body. However, one of these guys decided to slide on the sand paper. The guy after taking the slide swore that he would never take such a slide again.

If you aren’t convinced with this article that taking a sandpaper slide is a horrible idea then probably you must go ahead and watch the video. In the end of the video, the guy shows the etched skin. Obviously, that must have hurt a lot. The other guy shows the skin on the sand paper. The skin must have worn off due to friction.

Moments before hitting the sand paper

These guys have a YouTube channel which got a lot of subscribers. They kind of post random stuff on their channel, TGFBro. Their goal is to post something cool and different than what is already present on YouTube. Obviously, the video which they posted showing a guy taking a sandpaper slide is quite weird and crazy.

You can watch the video below, I’ve started the video at the moment where the guy takes the slide. However, you can start the video from the very beginning and watch the preparation of the guys at TGFbro.

Bonus: If you take the video to 6:23 then you’ll see another guy taking the slide and getting hit ever harder.

Below is the bonus point, where another guy takes the slide, this happens at 6:23 in the video.

Scroll to 6:23 in the video

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