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Guy glued his 14 months old eyes and mouth shut, gets arrested for his deed

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Parenting is a responsibility which is difficult to be fulfilled. A parent has to complete all the requirements of being a good person. The kids are learning a lot of things from their parents. It will be right to claim parents as the first educational institution for the kids. Many parents are tensed for this reason as they want to set best examples for their kids.

This guy is totally opposite to what we claimed as a good parent. Johnnie Lee Carter, 29yo was arrested by police on Monday because of his stupid and heinous behavior with own kid. The police department in Odessa issued the warrant of the man. He got charged with first degree felony because he had caused serious harm to a minor. This was described as a domestic incident.

The current condition of the child is not shared with the media. Carter was booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility under a no bond warrant. He will face extradition to Ector County. The news was first reported by KVIA.

There is possibility that the guy suffers from some mental illness. The picture of the guy was released by the Courtesy Odessa Police Department. Any person doing such a heinous act with a kid is questionable. The police took a quick action against the man as they couldn’t risk such a person walk free in the streets. There are no further updates on the matter and the investigation is in the process.

The news went viral on the social media since no one could expect a grown up man doing a thing so unexpected and inhuman. He was arrested at a motel on the 1000 block of Gateway Boulevard West.

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