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Guy gets brutally rejected by his crush on Facebook & gets labelled as someone under mother’s control

Written by Wamiq Ali

Poor guy tags his crush in the Facebook comments in the meme picture of Olivia Jensen. He expected some good outcome but the girl rejected him brutally. The poor guy got labelled as nice-guy and someone who was momma’s kid.

The conversation was biased towards the girl’s side. The man tried his best to spend his dignity in front of the girl. However, she didn’t accept any offer and directly turned him down. The comments got featured at Reddit and somehow earned some cool comments. People said that the girl was rather more savage.

Credits: Reddit/user/Bigjerr2007

The conversation between the two goes on like below:

Guy: Ok how about it?

Girl: No thanks, I’ll pass.

Guy: Ok why

Girl: you’re just not what I’m looking for.

Guy: Ok sure, What are you looking for?

Girl: A big dork like me, someone to make me laugh, someone who isn’t controlled by their mother. You seem nice and all but I’m not interested in you. I’m sorry

Guy: I understand that it’s ok. I can make people laugh. I mean we can still talk and hang out right?

Guy: It also wouldn’t be my first let down. So I understand that, trust me I do. I mean I am taking it like a man.

Girl: First of all, we never hung out, to begin with and if I don’t answer you that’s usually a message within a message.

On a side note, well, ‘It isn’t my first let down’, and ‘I’m taking it like a man’, are the things which we want to warn you about, rest is up to your character.

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