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Guy funeral for pet fish on snapchat doesn’t go as planned

Written by Wamiq Ali

This guy, woken up from his wild drinking spree and came to know about the tragedy happened to his pet. He saw his pet fish Dave in some nasty looking water. Soon after he learned about what had happened, he took out the smartphone and uploaded the tragedy on Snapchat.

He decided to give a proper funeral to his pet fish. He wanted to give the due respect. After some tears, he took his pet fish to the pier. He then played some emotional music and soon after that, he made his pet fish take the last journey in the water. However, the hell broke after that and he couldn’t expect it coming.

He started off with Snapchat and posted things about his fish. He then recorded a video and posted it on snap chat with caption:

4 day benders and pets are not a good mixs

The pet fish in dirty water

He’s giving his pet fish the last journey

The man is sad after losing pet fish

Watch the video yourself and decide if the man is really shocked over what happened…

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