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Guy Finds a Weirdly Green chip in his bag, asks online for explanation

In the world of online communities, where individuals share their peculiar experiences, u/VanillaMinus78 recently became an unexpected protagonist in a Lay’s chip mystery that left both Reddit users and Lay’s aficionados intrigued. It all began when he stumbled upon an unusual green chip nestled among the familiar golden-brown ones in his Lay’s bag.

The Discovery: VanillaMinus78’s Quest for Answers


Curiosity piqued, VanillaMinus78 took to Reddit to share his unexpected find, posting a picture of the green-hued chip and seeking insights from the online community. The post quickly gained traction, with users chiming in with various theories, ranging from the humorous to the genuinely perplexed.

Insider’s Revelation: Former Frito Employee Sheds Light

In a surprising turn of events, a former Frito-Lay employee responded to VanillaMinus78’s post with an explanation that shed light on the mystery. The anonymous insider revealed that the green chip was likely a marker chip used within the production process. According to the explanation, these chips act as indicators for monitoring the speed of the oil in the fryer. The blistering on the chip, often mistaken for a defect, actually indicates that it has already undergone one round of cooking and is in the process of being fried again.