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Guy claims he’s from future, 2028, & he warns people about upcoming events

There was a time when time travel was thought to be only a dream which could not be fulfilled in reality. Today we have a guy who has been featured in a show where he talks about himself sent from future back in time only to make people realise about the sensitivity of the forthcoming matters.

There are plenty of scientist and experts who admit that the time travel is possible and theoretically they have the right equations to prove their claim but at home at the don’t have any practical proof at hand. A lot of people say that the technology needed for ‘Time Travel’ is far years away from the current time.

Noah made his appearance to the media and claimed himself to be a Time Traveler. It says that he risked his life from the year 2028 to warn the humanity about the future

In his claims, he says that the Donald Trump is going to be re-elected as a president in 2020. He further says that the America, as well as artificial intelligence, will gain some serious momentum. The second claim is definitely expected one, but if you want to hear his further claims then watch the video above!

Noha says that the Google Glass styled machines will become a norm on the planet and swathes of them would be available for common people.

It’s not my intent to deceive anybody. I want to be clear, my sole objective, anybody, to prove to you time travel exists. In fact I, myself, am a time traveller.

Noah claims that he is currently 50 years old but he has taken an age rejuvenating drug making him 25 years old. He further says that the time travel will be used in 2021 by only top secret organisations but then it will be open to the public in 2028 finally.

Note: We don’t have any part in his claims, the video and information have been provided by Elite Paranormal, you can watch the video of Noah soliciting people attention regarding the matter of time travel, above.

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