Guy claimed that he found a ‘DEAD RAT’ in his ‘Redbull’

Written by Wamiq Ali

A man claims that he found a rat inside his Redbull can which he had purchased to have the energy drink. While he opened the can and started to drink right out of it, he felt something touching his lips, he moved the Redbull away and found a dead rat inside.

John Henley said that he bought the energy drink on Sunday night and that is when he found the dead rodent inside the can which was a shocking thing to digest. He then turned on the camera, cut open the can and took out the dead rodent. The video has been uploaded to the internet and a lot of people are finding it quite hard to watch.

Warning: If you feel that you won’t be able to see the rat inside a Redbull can then don’t go further and stop reading this article.

“Bought a Red Bull last night and well I happen to look in it was bout to spit sunflower seeds and I see a damn mouse people check your stuff!!!”

In the clip, the Josh can be heard saying, “I drank a Red Bull last night and, you can’t see it, but apparently I shouldn’t have got a Red Bull because there is a mouse in there.”

He later cuts open the Redbull with a pair of the scissors and unveils the small mice inside which appeared to be dead. The guy who works at a pan shop then says, “Look at this, there’s a dead rat – check your Red Bulls before you drink them.”

The video has got more than 34000 shares on the Facebook and it’s going viral. Not everyone thinks that the video is legitimate, there are people who think that Josh has tricked the audience.

Someone commented: “You drank it last night, most likely that mouse got in after you drank it and went to sleep. Wouldn’t you have noticed it last night after or while you were drinking it?”

Another commenter wrote, “It obviously went in after you drank it.” Let’s see what is the official word of Redbull on this incident. Meanwhile you watch the video:

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