Guy catches thief in his home, punishes him with a ‘Brutal Forehead Tattoo’

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A tattoo artist caught a thief in his house in Brazil. He punished Him with a tattoo on his forehead.
A video was posted on BestGore, little is known about it. The boy was caught by a tattoo artist, he was allegedly trying to steal something. The tattoo artist tattooed his forehead with a Portuguese message: ‘Eu sou ladrão e vacilão’.

Translating the sentence was hard because there aren’t any Portuguese speakers. By using a translating program ‘Eu sou ladrão’ was, ‘I’m a thief, however ‘e vacilão’ was hard to get right. Google Translate said it means ‘and hesitation’, other sources claim it means ‘avoid me’, and some others believe it means ‘and a loser’.

Brazil has a very high crime rate, this has led to some people of Brazil carrying out horrific punishments on anyone who is caught in doing wrong something. People are often afraid of getting robbed.

The video clearly shows that the boy is wrong but the tattoo is forehead is not a genius act to do on anybody, let alone a young boy. The high prices of tattoo removal make it harder for the young boy to get it removed in the future.

Tattooing forehead of a boy is just incredibly barbaric. However, this also serves as a warning to the future thieves who might think to rob someone in Brazil.

Watch the video: Thief-catcher punishes little boy with a permanent tattoo on his forehead

According to the UNDP and World Health Organization, Brazil has high rates of violence. The citizens feel relatively unsafe in Brazil. The high rates of theft must have forced this man to draw a tattoo on the forehead of the robber.

Note: If you are unable to play the video on your mobile device, make sure you visit this URL with a computer/desktop device. The video has been hosted by Daily Mail, one can also search the internet to find other mirrors of this video.

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