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Guy behind Jennifer Lawrence photo leak captured and sent to prison

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Everyone was excited when they heard the news about the possible leak of the personal pictures of the Jennifer Lawrence but no one thought about the privacy and self-respect of the actress. She was definitely disturbed after she realised that the leak had actually happened. She later learned that all the photos which were uploaded on the internet by some unknown person were actually from her icloud storage. Which meant, because of some breach she was hacked and her icloud personal pictures were present on the public internet.

Looking at it from the feminist perspective, it was realised that she earned more hype on the internet as compared to any other male actor. The point being, had it been about any male then there wouldn’t have much fuss on the internet. However, since it was about a female that is why major news site made it a front-page headline. Most categorically regarded it as a social engineering attack. (In a social engineering attack the harm is caused to the victim by his own lack of experience and emotional manipulation)

George Garafano who is a 26-year-old guy was found to be behind this leak. He illegally accessed the icloud accounts of 240 people. Among them, there was our favourite actress account, Jennifer Lawrence. A federal judge ruled out that Garafano will serve the prison term followed by three years of supervised release.

The guy also revealed and confessed about the type of attack he planned and executed. He said that he had sent the victims some spoof emails. He acted like someone from the Apple security team. Later, he sent them a link for verification. Those who verified their accounts from the bogus links got trapped and their personal icloud information was leaked.

Mr Garofano’s offense was a serious one. He illegally hacked into his victims’ online accounts, invaded their privacy, and stole their personal information, including private and intimate photos. He did not engage in this conduct on just one occasion. He engaged in this conduct 240 times over the course of 18 months. (The prosecution wroteas reported by TheGuardian)

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