Ground-breaking drug, helps diabetes patients re-grow insulin making cells

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Science has progressed a lot in the previous hundred years. Specifically, the research in the medical field has touched the ground-breaking limits. A recent news published by BBC claims to solve the problems faced by patients suffering from diabetes. According to this news, a ground-breaking drug has been developed which help people re-grow the insulin-producing cells.

This is a good news for the people who have a sweet tooth. According to one figure, 19,000 people live with Type 1 diabetes. 90% of these sufferers have less than 5% cells remaining. Because of the reduced number of cells, they need an insulin intake after regular intervals.

The newly found drug means that the patients with diabetes don’t need to inject insulin anymore. They just need this medicine to regrow their insulin-producing cells which in turn will control the level of glucose in their blood. According to the BBC, two patients in the entire world are tested with this new drug. These patients were later kept under observation for 72 hours. They didn’t show any signs of diabetes.

This research team now aims to gather 8 people for a testing purpose. The two already tested people didn’t show any side effects after the consumption of this new drug. Dr. Mohammad Alhadj Ali said that the advances in prevention of diabetes never happened and the doctors only advised care and insulin in this matter. He is the member of the team working on this drug.

The Welsh Government’s Health and Care Research Wales team helps the collaborations. These trials were conducted by the researchers who work at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. At moment, the Welsh government spends around 500 million pounds a year to treat people with diabetes.

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