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Gross! Antifa throw bottles of urine & rocks at Boston Officers, Mask bearer denounces U.S. flag

Boston Police Commissioner confirmed that bottles of urine were thrown at the officers during the protests. In some cases, small rocks were also thrown to make police officers suffer. The Police department is calling the alt-left rally to immediately stop throwing urine bottles at the police and other innocents. The anti-racist demonstration surely didn’t go well for the Boston Police, as it was quite evident in the media interview of the Police Commissioner.

There were protestors which were spotted with pee-bottles in their hand carry bag. One of the protestors was even spotted wearing a gorilla mask while carrying a U.S. flag which was heavily compromised. There were statements all over the flag which surely didn’t mean respect for the flag. Belonging to any nation it’s our duty to protect our flag.

Below is the Police Commissioner interview where he declared that the protestors were involved in throwing urine bottles, you may watch it by clicking the play button, it’s twitter embedded.

Now, this is for sure gross on so many levels. This man who was spotted carrying a denounced U.S. flag along with a bottle got filmed by a twitter user. A Twitter user Michael uploaded the video and the speaker in the video can be heard talking about the appearance of the protestor involved in carrying a denounced flag. One must respect a flag!

The protests should be peaceful and must be a way to convey the voice of weak. What so ever is going on with the alt left and alt right groups there must be a way to solve the issues. Table talk, anyone?

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