Groom, 28, cancels dream Las Vegas stag do as police arrests 27yo best man who spent £7,500 without booking anything

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Sometimes things don’t turn out the way one expects them to be in reality. Something of the nature happened to this groom who was planning for a stag do in Las Vegas. All he could obtain was a trip to Swindon, his dreams were shattered because it was his dream to have a party in Las Vegas. Little did he know that the blame would rest on his best man for the wedding. Let’s admit that this is one strange news because not a lot of people expect something this bad from their best man.

Police arrests best man amidst fear that he spend entire money meant for booking stag do in Las Vegas

Ben Whidcup, the 28yo groom, feared that his best man had spent the entire money without booking anything meaningful in Las Vegas. This guy has saved this £7,500 for a trip to the Las Vegas. According to the DailyMail, the groom now plans to spend his special day in Newcastle. The police was approached in this matter, according to them they arrested a 27yo guy on suspicion of spending the entire sum of money. The guy is still under the investigation.

Poor Whidcup, instead of getting in a aircraft and flying towards his dream destination spent the last night in a Swindon pub. He would be having a stag do in Newcastle. Whidcup is scheduled to marry the love of his life in Wiltshire on April 24th. According to Whidcup, his best man had assured him that he would take care of everything, from booking of hotels to planning the itinerary. However, when the time came there were no signs of the stag do party and the best man. The groom feared that his best man had fled with the money. This is where the role of police started.

The groom is a service manager and rugby coach at Gloucester university. He was about to have the best time of his life in Las Vegas. Resultantly, a Go Fund Me page has been setup for the guy to make sure his dreams stay alive. He had planned to visit Hakkasan Las Vegas Nighclub which Kim Kardashian had visited in 2016, she had hosted the venue.

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