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Great News! John Wick 3 has finished filming, releasing soon

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John Wick 3 has finished filming and it is something which is going to make a lot of people happy. This movie earned quite a lot of fans because of the strong story line and acting. A movie becomes popular once it has a good story and direction. The indicator of the popularity of a movie is the amount of money which it earns on the box office. John Wick movie series earned some huge stash of money as it got popular after its release. The good news is that its third part is about to get released. The release date is May 16, 2019.

John Wick movie features some good action sequence. It’s both close to reality and entertaining, something which every sane person would love to learn. It has the kind of action which is rarely seen on the silver screen. This is the reason why it earned a huge number of fans. The third part of this movie will be released next year and its name is John Wick3: Parabellum. The franchise is massively popular and a lot of people are going to rush to the cinema once the movie gets released. 

Halle Berry has revealed the production date on the Instagram and the post has gained quite a lot of attention. Almost everyone got excited with the update regarding the John Wick’s latest part. Halle mentioned in the post:

It’s a wrap…CHEERS! A huge thank you to all the beautiful people of Morocco! Thank you for opening your hearts to me and making me feel so at home. #JohnWick3 has been a truly memorable experience! I have so much respect for #KeanuReeves and this franchise, it’s been my honour to be apart of it!

Halle Berry at Instagram

Halle Berry needs some praise for this amazing news and the efforts made for the release of the movie. In the last part, (spoiler alert), John Wick had committed a queer mistake. He took the life of a person who was an assassin in the movie at The Continental Hotel. This is a neutral ground for assassins.

Let’s see how the movie builds the story. Almost every one is excited.

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