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Grandma drifts away peacefully into sea after she poses on an iceberg for pictures

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Life is the name of the happenings, these happenings can be either good or bad. So, it’s safe to assume that either experiences are learned from bad outcome or a celebration is made as a result of some good result. Either way, something is learned, good or bad in nature. This old woman has learned that one shouldn’t step on an iceberg especially on a sea spot where waves have some energy. This woman was interested in getting her pictures clicked, therefore she posed on an iceberg only to find a couple of minutes later that one strong wave had drifted her into the sea. People often go to great lengths in order to get a good picture of their travel. Later they use this photo for displaying it on their profiles. It’s a win win situation for a lot of people.

A 24yo teacher Catherine Streng recently shared a tweet in which she wrote that her loving grandmother almost washed out to the deep sea as she posed over an iceberg. This story later on went viral and it shows only one thing that a happy moment can convert into a sad one in a couple of minutes. It shows the reality of life. Steng was later interviewed by Buzzfeed and she told them that her grandmother wanted to experience the Nordic area. According to her she worked in South Korea and her family was based in Texas. Steng’s dad had alerted her that his mother i-e Steng’s grandmother was willing to have some Nordic adventure in her own way. He had sent her a series of texts and picture which demonstrated how his mother was willing to have an experience of the cold world. This iceberg drifting away happened in the southeastern part of the Iceland.

Grandmother had spotted a large iceberg which appeared like a throne. She decided to get on this iceberg and get herself photographed. She sat on this iceberg, and son took her photos. The entire scenario didn’t go as planned. As one strong wave came and made the grandma drift to the sea. She successfully attempted to stay on top of the iceberg. The father sent her a descriptive text as follows.

She ascended the throne after a wave had pulled back and left it briefly exposed on the beach. Then a wave washed in and dislodged the ice throne, rocking it from side to side. When the wave retreated, it lifted the dislodged throne throne and carried her out with the tide.

The grandmother floated so far away in the sea that she needed a rescue. Water rescuer Randy Lascount from Florida was observing all this and he jumped to rescue the grandmother. The dad explained this in the following word.

He just happened to be onshore when the whole thing occurred, so he waded out into the roiling water and pulled her off the iceberg as it drifted out to sea, supporting her until they reached the shore.

The little mishap didn’t case any trouble to the grandmother. She didn’t feel bad for a second and she along with her son, continued their Iceland trip.  

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