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Grandfather uses 11 smartphones attached to a bicycle to play Pokemon Go

Everyone should get confounded after reading this particular news. Gone are the days of Pokemon Go, a game which earned much popularity because of its addictive gameplay. This game made every old generation feel the inclusion of smartphones in the lives of new generation and the ambit within which such devices can circumvent the teenagers. The plight was real when everyone was seen running around in parks with their smartphones.

Chen San-yuan, 70, uses 11 smartphones to play the game in an attempt to catch as many monsters al these devices might allow. The old man has gone viral on the internet because of his commitment with the game. The setup using which he handles all the 11 smartphones can be seen in the picture. He has installed this setup on his bicycle for an effective capturing of the monsters encountered in the game.

The old-man has found a new way of entertainment. He had attached his setup with the batteries so that the smartphones never go out of the power. Then he uses his luxury time to catch the Pokemon Go monsters on his bicycle with 11 smartphones. The old man can appear to be in peril to most of the people, however he enjoys his time doing this surplus activity.

The extent to which this old man loves the game can be estimated from this single habit; he sometimes loves to play game so much that he avoids returning home before 4am. Chen has been called as Uncle Pokeman and he plans to increase his smartphones to 15 in number. This means that he will consume more money on his internet in future, the money which he currently pays is around £1165 a month.

Chen was asked about the benefits of playing Pokemon Go. He replied that the game helped him veer off the course to Alzheimer’s disease. Another good aspect of playing the game according to him is socialisation. Obviously, he gets to meet new people and makes friends. Chen had started playing the game in 2016 when his grandson taught him the basics of the Pokemon Go. Since the year he is unable to let go the game because of his growing interest.

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