Grammy nominated rapper, 21yo Savage arrested, ICE says he is in US illegaly

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has said that the 21yo rapper is a British citizen and he is in America without having any legal proof. The agency said that he entered the US on a visa in July 2005 and later his visa had expired in July 2006. Rapper 21 Savage whose music creations revolve much around gang life and other thrilling stuff, was arrested by ICE.

The lawyer of ICE was interviewed by the media, he said that the authorities only want to intimidate him. He is being held without bail and is arrested on charges of incorrect information about prior criminal charges. He currently awaits the fate of his special visa application and he has not been charged with any criminal offence. 

According to the CNN, the rapper’s original name is She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph and he had came to the USA in year 2005 in the month of July. He came to the USA legally and later failed to leave the currently under the terms of a nonimmigrant visa. His visa expired in July 2006. If the publicly provided date of birth of the rapper is accurate, then this means that he entered the US when he was 12yo. The ICE currently awaits the decision from a federal immigration judge in order to determine the future course of action.

The immigration attorney while shedding some light on the history of the rapper said that he was 7yo when he arrived the United States legally. He took one-month trip to the UK in 2005 and returned on an H-4 visa. Kuck further added that his client has been an applicant of the U-visa and his application was pending in US Citizenship and Immigration Services and has relief from removal available to his client. This U-visa application was available to his client because he had faced a calamity in the United States, he was shot six times. The lawyer further added that rapper is not dangerous to anyone has he has three children who are US citizens and a mother who is a lawful permanent resident.

In the past, the rapper had gone through troubles

In October 2014, the rapper was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana, however later all these claims were expunged. The people around him called it a targeted blame to blemish the personality of the rapper. The general public story which revolves around his personality is that the rapper was born and grown up in Atlanta with his mother and 10 siblings. This is also mentioned in his rap songs. His latest album also topped the charts and this makes him quite popular in the young community who look at him as a guide.

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