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Government shutdown robbed US economy of $11bn : Report

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The political situation of United States has gone through some turmoil and the only obvious reason behind such a situation at moment is the obduracy regarding the matters related to border wall. The opposition doesn’t appear to be happy with the wall meanwhile Trump wants the wall to be built as soon as possible. The funding of wall caused a shutdown of the government as the opinion of Democrats doesn’t seem to be aligned with the Republicans. This resulted in a five-week long shutdown of the US government. After the issue of the shutdown was resolved, the concerned people decided to estimate the loss incurred during the shutdown, just to have a figure. The estimate of the shutdown came out to be around $11bn which happened during the 5-week shutdown. This is not a small figure as every dollar counts, the same lost amount could have contributed towards the well being of other sectors in US which needed some funding. This one fact is also considerable that $3 bn would be recovered, later, as the government resumes operation. This claim of recovery of $3 bn was put forward by non-partisan congressional budget office. The report published in this regard of money and economic loss has revealed many conclusions.

The loss incurred was twice the amount for funding the wall

The report suggested that the loss which happened to the American economy was twice the amount which might have happened because of the border wall financing. Had the border wall been financed, there would have been little loss to the economy. The issue didn’t find a quick solution because it was not only economic but political in nature. Solving a political problem indeed takes some time and often a solution is hard to be found in democratic countries. Getting to a common point of consensus often becomes a tough task. The report concluded that those damages from the government shutdown were significant but as the issue was resolved in some weeks therefore the shutdown didn’t escalate as it could have caused more loss. The damages could have been gruesome and significant if the shutdown continued. The report claimed that the shutdown had an impact on the overall economy but the highest impact receivers were individual businesses and workers. This partial shutdown had left 800,000 federal workers without their pay and a lot of them had to work without having any money for getting back home. When things started to get bad, Trump decided to re-open the federal government but temporarily. The impasse was resolved but there still was no funding for the wall. Building a wall was the main agenda of Trump’s campaign. The halt to government loan approvals caused a lot of damage to the individual businesses.

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