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[5 Instances] Gotta love a girl who knows what she wants

People who are to the point know the struggle with those who aren’t clear about their goals. These Redditors shared some part of their conversation with the online community and we thought to make a compilation. These text conversations are hilarious and sweet at the same time with a certain witty aspect.

1 – When a girl is clear of her goals:

Certain relationships are not well explained because of the hidden nature of participants. However, here this conversation shows a light side of friendship and another heavy side of understanding. I think you’ll love to be in such a relationship. Someone suggested in comments to avoid getting murdered.

Credits: Reddit/ImminentCrash

2 – The Nice Guy that got away:

One must learn to take no for a no, pushing away further only makes thing weird. This girl was sure of her views so she just roasted a guy pretty hard.

Credits: Reddit/rrns

3 – Flight Farewell:

Being practical is good, some people can only be made happy with practical acts rather than the sweetness of tongue. The girl boarded knew herself well, so she took a funny approach.

4 – I guess he’ll be walking all the way back:

Some people are clear of their will, and this girl knew what she had to do at priority. So I guess, poor lad will be walking all the way back.

Credits: Reddit/dukunt

5 – Netflix and Goals:

This girl is in her 30s and she knows what she wants to please herself. Quite a lot of people aren’t aware of their own self but here the story is different. Even the Redditor in the conversation knows what to do next.

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