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Good professor holds student’s baby in class as he couldn’t hire a babysitter

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We cannot despair of humanity, since we ourselves are human beings. Hence, some people just follow this quote and try to make this world a better place. They try to be helpful to the others and this professor is one among those many people who attempt to make this world a better place. He knew that his student just couldn’t afford to hire a babysitter and therefore he decided to help his student in the ordeal. The teacher is being praised online because he helped his student in need. The online community feels that if everyone becomes that kind then the world would become a better place to dwell.

This professor named Nathan Alexander was giving a lecture on the mathematics when this all happened. He currently teaches in Morehouse College in Atlanta. This happened on March 1st and the professor Nathan Alexander observed once student carrying his baby to the class. This student was not able to get a babysitter who might have helped him keep the baby back at home. Therefore, he ultimately decided to take the baby with him to the school.

The professor Alexander was quite happy to welcome another student in his class. He didn’t feel it quite a problem that some student had brought his own baby to the classroom. Infact he took it as an opportunity, other than that he even offered to lend a hand to the student. Another student, took a picture of the professor and his intentions that the student should not miss the important details of the lecture.

Student came to class today with his child due to no babysitter or anybody to watch her while he was in class. My professor NATHAN ALEXANDER said “I’ll hold her so you can take good notes!

Alexander was good enough as he strapped the baby to his chest and went through the lectures as usual. He didn’t make the students feel for a second that some baby was being held along with his chest. He was also keeping a gentle hand on the body of the baby. The professor received quite a lot of love on the social media. The people were of the opinion that their faith on the humanity had been recovered. The students called that particular professor as quite loveable and amazing.

This is indeed a good gesture, because students look forward towards their mentor for sake of their learning. If their professor is doing something good then this means that the students would also be inspired to do that good thing.

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