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Girls instantly regret asking the internet to roast them

Written by Wamiq Ali

Reddit is a place where people won’t leave you unsatisfied if you ask them to roast you! These girls on Reddit made the same mistake and Redditors were quick enough to respond. Girls asked Redditors to roast them because they thought they were too perfect to avoid the treatment.

One of the subreddits r/roastme is exactly a place where one can post pictures of himself and invite people for roasting. If you are courageous enough then take a selfie of yourself and post it on the mentioned subreddit. You’ll be surprised to hear some rapid truth about your facial personality.

1 – This girl below posted her picture saying, “I’m too hot to get roasted…. but try anyways”

We’ll post the Redditors comments as they were made, below:

Thank you Reddit for answering my prayers about what would happen if a retarded version of the “Cash Me Outside” girl posted on roastme.

In spanish we have a saying that roughly translates to “the eyes of a dead donkey.” That’s you That’s what you have.

You’re definitely at a Starbucks or equivalent coffee place, doing your best to blend in and look like a normal girl when you’re actually so insecure about your appearance that you have to insist you’re “hot”. In actuality, your Texas-sized forehead and uneven eyes put you at a level just below room temperature, but that’s okay – you’ll find enough guys desperate enough to take you that you’ll think it validates your appearance. Then, later in life, you’ll come to the painful realization that you don’t have the character or personality traits to keep anyone near you for an extended period of time, and as your looks fade, you’ll settle for anyone willing to even talk to you.

You are about as Jersey as a ho can get.

2 – They think that they are better than those hot victoria secret models. But Reddit made sure that they truth gets revealed.

Good luck with your careers, ladies! I’ll have a vanilla latte, no whip please.

Chick on the right: The only thing worse than your socks are your possum hands. Chick on the left: I noticed all that stuff about the chick on the right before I even saw you.

I can see that, the first and only Angels kept entirely a secret. Victoria’s Blackmail.

Before the Victoria Secret career starts, they need to be interviewed all over that black leather couch, and to be honest I wouldn’t click on that video, even if it was free HD full length.

Y’all is like a pair of balls. The one on the right is higher than the one on the left, just like y’alls chances of modelling

3 – Someone’s sister thinks that she is too beuatiful to be roasted.. Reddit shattered her dreams.

Looks like Jennifer Aniston recycled her first nose.

You seem like the girl who calls herself an actress her entire life because she was in the high school play

If you walked into a wall that nose would make contact long before your br**sts.

Eyebrows like McDonald’s arches. I bet you served over a billion customers as well.

She’s the perfect participation trophy girlfriend, in the sense that she feels special because everyone has gotten her without trying.

Also it’s easy to look ‘perfect’ when she skips the makeup and applies the photo filters directly to her “my head got elongated because it got stuck in a vice once”-looking face before actually taking the picture.

4 – The girl below asked Reddit to confirm her insecurities, and they were fast enough to do so!

If “unenthusiastic handjob” had a face, this would be it.

You spent 200 hours this month maintaining those eyebrows and you’re wearing a T-shirt from a Goodwill in Cleveland

Tough to imagine that you could have insecurities because nothing stands out about you in the first place.

The music you listen to isn’t really as deep as you think it is, you’re just shallower than you realize.

You’re that girl who thinks guys find constant snark and sarcasm attractive until the day after you hit menopause and you’re sitting around your shitty apartment with 10 cats and you finally have a sudden moment of clarity and realize what went wrong.

5 – The girl just thinks she’t hot, but the Reddit split her into two personalities.

You look like the type of girl to say “I normally don’t do this…” and then proceeds to out-preform wh*res

You look like the type of girl who uses coupons on plan b

You’re a small town 7 at best

Cover her face below the eyes; might be hot. Cover her face from eyes up; might be Joe Namath.


6 – This girl asked, Roast me like you’re a level 100 Charizard.


If you spent half as much time on your eyebrows as you do seeking attention, you’d probably be able to crack a more convincing smile when you look in the mirror.

You’re the type of girl to doll up and ask for a roast me for attention, cry in the shower after you got it, and then make a blog about how this was all just a social experiment entitled, “Chivalry is dead”. It is. But not as dead as your sense of self-worth.

Did you learn about Pokémon from the kids that did your homework?

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