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Girls in Polygamous Kingston Group continue to marry as young as 15, shows record

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Note: This picture doesn’t represent Kingston Group, instead it shows polygamy as taken from Tumblr.

Marrying at an early age can’t be taken as an option instead it’s most likely a forced upon decision. The age of maturity is hard to be determined. If a person has grown enough to be mature then he is ready to get married. This Polygamous Kingston Group shows another side of the story.

The records show that the girls are wed in this group as early as they turn 15 years of age. One of the girls of this group, decided to marry at 16 because she knew that the longer she waited, the more chances she’ll have to marry an old person and do polygamy.

Jessica is now 26-year-old and she said in an interview that being the part of the Kingston Group, you have to marry earlier, as soon as you turn 16. Jessica is one story, there are many other girls who went through a similar choice in their life. A few fell in love thus they decided to marry earlier or they had to be in love for sake of justifying this early marriage.

Image Credits: Salt Lake Tribune

Different states have different laws. Some states don’t allow the cousin marriage, while the others don’t put any bar on the decision of marrying the cousin. These marriages of early age are used as a tool to keep the girls in Kingston Group, which is known among younger members as “The Order.” These girls sometimes accept the decision to avoid polygamists, marrying older guys at a later age. Further, there is another reason for the acceptance, often girls like to escape their parents’ crowded households. Thus, they see it as the only escape.

The age chart for the girls, bride vs groom, shows a strange reality. There was a woman who was interviewed by The Salt Lake Tribune, she said that she got married in 2014 at the age of 16. She further added that she had fallen in love. She said that she also felt it like a religious call to marry and wed eventually.

Another girl was interviewed and she didn’t reveal her identity because of the identity stereotypes which come with a polygamous group. She revealed that many girls were forced to marry at the young age of 16 years. She claimed that she personally knew some cases.
The Kingston group issued a report in the favour of their customs. The report says that those who married under the age of 18 in past 20 years, 95.1 percent didn’t get a divorce, 94.2 percent earned a high school degree and a third of them, mostly women, graduated from a public college or university. However, no raw data was provided thus the verification of these facts was not possible.

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