Girlfriend texts her boyfriend, “Bald Head” to receive this Selfish Response

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A bald head can be an instant turn off for some people especially if it’s about a woman. This girlfriend texted her boyfriend a picture of her bald head and he fell for it. She told him that she did all the shaving just to raise some awareness about cancer. The boyfriend became anxious enough to look for more details. Instead, he started to rant about the girl.

Amanda sent the pictures of her bald head to her boyfriend. The entire picture was created using an application which converts a hairy head into a bald one. The reaction of the boyfriend was so awkward that she decided to carry on the prank.

At first, she sent a picture of her with a bald head. The boyfriend realized that she was trying to prank her with her appearance. He didn’t fall for it, but some minutes later into convincing the nightmare of having a bald girlfriend started to become true.

He started to believe that his girlfriend had actually shaved off her head. He started to believe all the prank. She further told her that she wanted to raise awareness for cancer. Keep on reading, the conversation gets funnier.

Once the boyfriend learned about the good cause, he was sure that his girlfriend had gone through a head shave. Upon asking he realized that his girlfriend had taken the decision after a suggestion from her colleague. The work colleague too sent her picture in the text. The girlfirend was stoked by the college to perform the cancer awareness campaign.

The boy became terrified with the looks of her girlfriend and he decided to tell her that he was done with her; the reason being bad looks. Someone commented that he would react like this if his wife did something like a bald experiemnt on her head.

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