This girl takes selfie with her dead dad and for some reason internet loses patience

Written by Wamiq Ali

This girl took a selfie with her dead dad but the internet isn’t much happy about the picture. She shared it on the social media and everyone started losing patience. For some reason, they didn’t like her sharing her picture with her dead dad on the internet.

Credits: Reddit/u/TaytosAreNice

This image was shared on the Reddit by user TaytosAreNice. It started gaining attention soon after it got posted. The title of the image was something like, ‘Dad just died, hmm better get some makeup on and take a selfie!’. It’s obvious that the girl was wearing makeup while taking the selfie. However, too much makeup isn’t a problem, the problem is snapping a selfie with her dead dad with a huge smile.

Since we are discussing some cringe-worthy stuff, then read on forward.

Credits: reddit/u/doublejpee

This guy thinks that sending flowers might change the other person’s view. Well, what can I say here, definitely the guy needs some lesson to be learned.

Credits: reddit/u/ KristennChaosXD

Definitely, this guy has no future with the girl who snapped and uploaded this picture of Snapchat’s texts. I mean who thinks this much into stuff and then tries best to make it weird as hell?

Credits: reddit/u/spicybois

This guy is pretty much deep into friendzone, the uploader mentioned that he even tags the girl in random posts aonFacebook. The identity is hidden for reasons.

Credits: reddit/u/bacera

This guy is for sure hopeless, being with two girls and still not being able to do what he wants to do, is kind of creepy. He is even making the situation more creepy by faking out a pose.

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