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Girl shut down quick after calling out “Loser Baby Daddy” in a Facebook Post

People have signed up to pretty much publish anything on Facebook without thinking the results. Today, I see people starting meaningless conversations and keyboard fights on the Facebook. Most of the people think that sitting behind a screen and then starting a hot argument is the coolest thing ever.

Facebook is full of confessions where people think that they’ve made a point but actually they just wrote their cheating story. The first thing someone does is to clear off all the stuff of an ex from Facebook rather than bringing up the old stuff again and allowing friends to judge. Clearing all the memories is a way to move on which these people don’t understand.

This girl in all her senses actually confessed to something and allowed others to judge on her situation. It happens when you continuously try to rip into someone, the dirt gets on your clothes too.

It was amazing that our team was able to find a lot of instances of Facebook drama and cheating stories. So, we thought to add those stories in this post, just for sake of creating a list out of the main topic. We hope that you too will learn something out of these posts.

Look at this good mom below who wants both the guys to parent for her kid until they get a DNA test.

She might need to go to the tattoo fixer soon, because “Oopps, what she has done…”

Meanwhile, some people don’t understand that they’ve gone full racist on Facebook, they get to know until one of their friends reminds them of the situation.

It’s not only Facebook, people like these are on Tinder too, and they don’t even have a single clue of their doings.

After we were browsing some Facebook dumbs, there comes a craigslist ad which seeks something amazing…. in a sarcastic way!

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