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Girl repeatedly punched her Boyfriend in face, until he snapped and unleashed a master punch

Written by Wamiq Ali

How many slaps can someone generally take before snapping and attacking back? I think merely 1 would be enough but hats off to this guy who endured more than 20 punches on his face but didn’t do anything in return until he made one master move to shock his girlfriend. I am quite shocked after watching the video, like how people were making videos standing there but no one indulged in the matter to stop a female dominating fight.

Gossip Mill Nigera, a Facebook page shared this video, and we could only make wild guesses to find out the reason of the fight. Clearly, man was showing a lot of patience, the story might have been other way around if there was no filming of the incident. If any woman walks away telling people with a bleeding nose that she has been hit by a man, then everyone is going to take man as a monster, not knowing the fact that the same man may have faced punches, before. But thanks to the video, now everyone knows, who was the monster in this video. This is a clear case of domestic violence or it can be another way around too, might be the guy was cheating on the girl. However, this is not the way to handle the situation.

The guy was a gentleman, who listened to the girl and endured all the punches until he lost all his patience and hit back girl with a strong single punch. The one punch from the guy put the girl in shock. The video was posted on Facebook with the title:

Only One Punch Nearly Sent Her To Her Grave

People have mixed reactions in the comments.

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