Girl on Tinder said this guy was too fat, he shuts her down

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A relationship is something which starts with trust. No relation in the world can succeed without trust for longer period of times. Thus trust is something which is crucial and it also takes quite a time to build trust around. Tinder is a place where people often try to find potential matches for themselves. Many people find amazing relations from the Tinder. Often people try on blind dates from Tinder and they later fall in love. World is a strange place and since it has 7 bn people on board thus there are many stories.

This one guy came across a guy on Tinder. She examined his profile and decided that the guy was not physically attractive. Instead of rejecting him in a proper way she decided to throw some kind of tantrum. She rejected him immediately in the worst possible way calling his weight a reason for the decision. The dude on the other hand knew what was needed to be done. He didn’t allow the girl to get under his skin.

People who came across this share couldn’t just believe that someone could be so toxic to give such cruel remarks. The girl definitely commented on the guy in quite a rude manner. 

A few people wrote that with a perfect diet plan anyone can control anything about his body. He suggested as other backed him up that a good diet plan can help in wait control. Others opined that internal personality is something which matters instead of looking at things superficially the girl should have looked at the way that guy handled her during conversation. He handled her with calm and didn’t snapped entirely.

One person wrote that this girl would have been a lot lighter when compared to other people. He even went a step ahead and called the girl of not having a soul. He judged the girl based on her comment for the guy. 

Someone wrote in favour of the guy

This is unclear who started the conversation, those who are into Tinder can judge that from the chat, so what are you guesses guys?

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