Girl instantly regrets putting doll eye into her own eye socket

Written by Wamiq Ali

Toys come with warnings and different toys are for different age groups. I think next time the doll manufacturers must put a warning label on the packing, “Eyes of the doll, not meant to be put in place of your own eyes”. Because what this kid did was quite creepy and stupid.

She could have bought some eye lens of the different style, that would have made her more fancy and different. If she knew about lens then she wouldn’t have to endure all that pain. My sympathies are with this poor girl because it’s obvious that she didn’t know the consequences of putting doll’s eye into her own eye socket.

This video was posted on Facebook which was uploaded by the mom of the kid. The kid had put doll’s eye into her own eye socket which must be visually shocking for a lot of people. Some people got quite angry on the mother for filming the video but not doing anything practically. One of the people in the comments wrote,

You are lucky i dont know where you are. I would have CPS (child protective services) on your ass so fast. you would never see her again.

Well, watch the video and make sure you don’t push the play button if you can’t bear what happened…

The mother wrote the caption herself, saying, don’t put the doll’s eye in your own eye.

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