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Girl got her phone taken away by her parents and later her dad slid this under her door

Written by Wamiq Ali

Parenting is something which must be taken as a duty. One has to become a role model and be a friend with their kids. Being a role model while being a best friend isn’t something easy to be done. However, this behaviour ensures that the kids are sharing all the stuff of their life and they are also taking best advice from your character.

It’s not good to put kids under undue pressure because that way their personality gets disrupted and they start to work in the fear of failure. Letting them know that there is nothing wrong in a well-tried work failure is the key to success.

Look at this cool dad, he first took away his daughter’s mobile phone and later slid something amazing through her room’s door. Letting kids know that there are limits to certain facilities is a good thing to make them realise the importance. This dad did exactly the same, first, he took away her phone and then tried to troll her being an amazing dad.

The story went viral on Twitter when a girl made a public tweet letting others know about what had happened with her friend. She tweeted that her friend’s mobile got taken away.

After tweeting this, this girl posted another tweet and shared a picture of what her friend’s dad had slid under the room door. The timing of the messages was beautiful and practical, it’s funny how finding the right emoji actually took a couple of minutes. People had mixed reactions on the tweet but mostly were positive and happy.

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