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Girl goes off on Facebook after only receiving $5 tip for a $100 worth meal

Written by Wamiq Ali

‘Giving a tip or not’ is something debatable, a lot of people will agree to not give a tip at all while the others might take it as an offence. I myself sometimes tip a lot just because of a good service while sometimes I’m the exact opposite. In general, the employees must pay the waiters enough and rule out the tipping policy. Sometimes employees take advantage of the tipping scheme to give them a thin monthly pay.

There are also people who will use a smartphone app to calculate the tip which waters deserve for their service. There countries where laws are against the tip totally.

This woman decided to post this on Facebook after she got a $5 tip on a $100 meal. She got a lot of attention on Facebook and people gave mixed reaction over what she posted. Some think that she is right while others have the exact opposite thoughts. The post got 17,000 likes on Facebook and around 21,000 shares.

The post shared by a waitress on Facebook

There were people who suggested that a 15% tip must be added to the bill and the decision shouldn’t be left on the payer’s intention. There were people who took this as a serious offence and said that the waitress is right to raise a voice. Someone even said, “If you can’t afford a tip, then you shouldn’t dine outside”.

I leave this matter up to you, and you decide on both moral and legal grounds, what ought to be done in the case of tipping someone for his/her services. I think money is a material thing, and if it makes someone happy, then we should be spending the right portion away.

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