Girl falsely pretends death of her sister in 9/11 incident, turns out it was a pre-9/11 Katy Perry picture

Written by Wamiq Ali

Someone tried to earn a minute of her fame by posting a pre-9/11 Katy Pretty picture and pretending it to be her dead sister. She not only faked her identity but also pretended that her sister died in 9/11 incident. Well, this isn’t the correct way to get some sympathy. The girl, as a result, got a lot of insult on the Facebook and her post made its way to the Reddit where more people felt instant cringe. It’s equivalent to making fun of those who actually died during the 9/11 incident.

Earning some free moments of fame through the internet is getting easier with time. However, this girl took another step forward into fake news over Facebook. She claimed the death of her elder sister in the 9/11 incident. She also uploaded her picture on her Facebook account. People started sending her condolence. Someone, however, noticed that the picture didn’t look actual. Soon they picked out that the uploaded picture was indeed a younger Katy Perry.

The girl who uploaded the Katy Perry picture wrote, “Can’t believe Ina few days lime It will be 16 years since those evil bastards took you away from us. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t remember you and miss you, you were the best big sister and I hope Mat you’re looking down on me today and that you’re proud. I Just wish we were back in our rooms again playing psi and eating pizza I know time will heal but even still 16 years have passed and I still feel broken I love You AMY. rest In Peace up there #septernber11th #neverforget #sisterbondsareforever”

Now, people realized her mistake and also started to curse her for her false upload. We think that no one should do something like this, lies don’t earn anything but a hard earned truth, gives you a lot of stuff in the long run.

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