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Girl Falls Asleep At Uni, And The Internet’s Response Is Wilder Than Her Dreams

This is the original photo of, when a girl falls asleep, and see how internet have reacted to this photo

The only wrong thing which girl has done is to ask the internet about editing the picture in a way when the girl falls asleep “Yes Game of Thrones Type”  and make it look better. The internet as usual came up with some amazing solutions. Photoshop is one thing but then making things appear totally out of the line. This can surely help others laugh and have a good day. But please, don’t laugh at the girl as this is going to make us feel not so good.

Now, the thing is that falling asleep in public is not a good thing, You’ll have some consequences, ever fell asleep in public while travelling? You can probably end up waking to your picture on Facebook news feed. Which can amaze you to a lot of extents, leaving you unable to identify yourself.

These pictures were gathered from an imgur uploader. You can have a view yourself on how the same pose was converted into some kind of rock band dancing.

1 (2)

#1 Lion King? No, Lion Queen


#2 Real Snow White


#3 The All New Genie

3 (2)

#4 sleep dive


#5 True Rock-star

4 (2)

#6 The Honeymoon


#7 Art Work

5 (2)

#8 Epic Sleepdancing


#9 Don’t Disturb Me. I’m Thinking


#10 Reached MJ level In Sleeping

7 (2)

#11 The Sleeping Statue


#12 Flamingo

8 (2)

#13 The Cocoon


#14 Catch That Pokemon


#15 Sleeping Break Dance

10 (2)

#16 Yoga At Ease


#17 The Finishing Move


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