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Girl dives off bridge onto cement during viral “Floor’s Hot Lava” challenge

I remember playing this game “Floor’s Hot Lava” when I was a kid and used to study in school. However, I had this common sense of where to pull off the challenge and where to restrain myself. It was fun, running off the ground and pretending a lava escape.

The reason of this challenge is to surprise friends and in no time they are bound to find some way off the ground. I’ve seen a lot of videos of this childish challenge on the internet where people are doing everything in their power to get their feet off the ground and in most of the videos, I watch something seriously horrendous in terms of safety.

There was this trend of ice bucket challenge too, which was great as far as money donation was concerned. Then teenagers started converting ice bucket challenge into something stupid. I remember watching various videos of ice bucket challenge with some stupid unsafe additions.

The moment after someone shouted Floors All Lava

This video is quite short but a group of friends can be seen walking over a bridge. Suddenly one of the friends shouted “Floor’s Hot Lava” and the friends being filmed try their best to run to safety. They climbed up the side grill of the bridge and one of the girls actually fell off the grill and landed on the cemented stairs below. I am sure that she might have fractured some bones.

This was quite stupid on the girl’s side to save her from imaginary lava and landing on a cemented staircase. If that was me, I’d have told the shouting friend that he better be burned in that imaginary lava.

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