Girl calls the sign “KKK” racist at baseball, despite it was only a way to record number of strike outs

Written by Wamiq Ali

A girl started to condemn baseball sign which was merely a way of recording the number of strike outs. The “KKK” sign was a way to show the audience the numbers of strike outs in the baseball game. The girl, on the other hand, took a picture, went to twitter and called it a racist attempt.

I think it’s time for Major League Baseball to change the sign which records the number of strike outs during the game. May be they can choose any symbol or they can simply use hearts to show the same. Well, racism has intention involved and the whole KKK sign has nothing to do with the racism. This was just a way to record some happening in the game.

The Ku Klux Klan, actually shows three racist movements which happened in the USA. These movements actually were focused on white supremacy and were meant to remove the rights of the black people. The girl mistook the sign for this, and if the sign actually meant this then all the baseball games were racist till now until a genius girl pointed out the mistake.

Someone said that the girl shouldn’t go to the bat and ball games. The girl, on the other hand, removed her entire twitter. She somewhere admitted that she had no idea about the scoring system, she thought it’s actual hate symbol. Well, out of embarrassment the girl took down her account, while she could have just made her tweets private. Good move btw, the others also tried to put some sense in the girl. Look at the replies of the tweet she made showing KKK sign.

Imagine, having so much love to races that if you see KKK sign, you immediately think that is racism. Woah!

Update: Oh, the account is back online, well, the information was old. Anyway, don’t show any hate to the girl, she surely did feel for the black.

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