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Girl bullies & stabs another teen at a ‘Dunkin Donuts Feud’

Written by Wamiq Ali

This is quite a murky story to be covered and anyone not having a mood to discover some eerie truth, then he must close this article before reading it any further. Well, a Dunkin Donut feud ended at the cost of one participant’s life. What could be so pressing at an eatery shop like Dunkin Donut that ended up in murder? This is strange!

FoxNews covered the incident in quite a detail. A New York teen at Dunkin Donuts was fatally bullied and later stabbed to death. The attacker used a knife and later turned herself in, according to the police. Z’Inah Brown was arrested by the police after she took the life of another teen girl, Valeree Schwab, 16yo, according to the statement of New Rochelle Police Department.

Brown is merely 16 years old, the age fellow of the girl who died in the incident.

Brown after carrying out the act surrendered herself to the police and was taken into the custody. She has been charged with second-degree murder. It’s at the hands of Westchester District Attorney’s office to decide the charges to be pressed against the girl.

The incident took place on a gloomy day of 10 Jan, when Schwab was being bullied by Brown. Schwab used pepper spray to defend herself from the bullying. ABC 7 reported that Schwab had pepper spray which was being used by her in her own defence against Brown. According to the witnesses, the fight broke out between two high school students.

Schwab later was taken to the hospital where she succumbed to death owing to the critical nature of the injuries. She was taken to the Jacobi restaurant.

The details are yet unclear that whether Schwab provoked Brown after using pepper spray or it was entirely Brown’s mistake to carry out the bullying. Schwab was a student at New Rochelle High School and according to her colleagues, she was a cheerful fellow. According to her Facebook page, she declared herself as a political activist. 

We’ll update you in the subsequent posts regarding the further developments in the case.

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