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Girl blasts McDonalds worker for not serving her nuggets

Written by Wamiq Ali

Incidents like this actually tell us something about the society that it’s ham-fistedly woven for a lot of people who don’t hesitate for a second to cross all the limits. Eating outlets like McDonald’s often are faced with hot heads who don’t care for logic. Despite their attempt at dealing with millions of customers daily still, they lack something which makes such angry customers launch a tirade against their workers. This woman gets angry on a McDonald’s server just because she couldn’t get some nuggets.

She freaks out on the McDonalds employee because she couldn’t get her nuggets. She started calling the employee with names. There was this accompanying guy with this angry girl who dragged her out of the McDonalds outlet as if he knew that his girl was wrong. She constantly kept on calling the employee by names and also clapped her hands in anger. “Damn, I hate it when I see someone clapping hands during a heated argument, this feels so unnatural and disastrous.

This fight below is a pure disaster to watch. However, the clip length is short so it won’t take enough time out of your precious life. Watch the video below and attempt to comprehend the situation.

The internet responded to the video by trolling her, there were a lot of comments on the original video which were actually made against the woman shouting against the employee. People commenting had a thing against anyone shouting at an eating outlet for sake of nuggets. The comments were so superficial that they were mostly about her looks and figure. “Damn! this is so wrong.

Don’t fight guys, just because you didn’t get a serving of your own taste. Be patient.

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