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Gigantic 46-Bedroom, 26-Bathroom House For Sale in Texas

The house was initially built by a doctor and his wife. It was built in 2001. The purpose of this mansion was to make a live-in rehab for the patients.

The house is constructed on 60,175 square foot. The material used for construction is mainly bricks and cement. It is located at 2354 County Road 59. The house market is around $3.5 million. The house features 46 bedrooms, 26 full bathrooms, and 9 car garage. It also has a giant swimming pool and spa with an elevator.

Before finishing the construction, the couple nearly built an identical house on 15 acre area next door to where they currently live at moment.

Let’s first watch video and then know further details:

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Though the house needs a lot of work. But still it’s in an area which is no zoning. Means, the house can either be taken for the residential purpose or even for the commercial purpose. The home is at 20 minutes drive from a medical center and sits news new schools.

This giant house is located neat Manvel, Texas. It can be of anyone who has some cash in hand. This big house can serve well for big families, and even if rooms are left, then giving it on rent is an option. Manvel is a suburb of Housten.

According to the sources this house is a mere shell and the internal construction is yet needed to be completed. Now, what this shell can be used for? A saviour if zombie apocalypse happens in some near future. A hideout if you want to remain unseen from the world. A halloween mansion where you can earn some respect in the nearby areas as a haunted house.

The detailed outside view comprises of 7 Images:

Below I’m going to attach 7 images, since there are a lot of images in this article, so we are going to cut the article into 3 pages in total. This first page consists of the images which are taken from the outside.

Image 1 : Nice Front View Of the Gigantic House:


Image 2: Shows more details of the front:


Image 3: Shows the Side Boundaries of the House:



Image 4: Shows the back area of the House, Trees are planted:


Image 5: Probably showing the Car Parking Space:


Image 6: Taken in some warm and less exposed weather:


Image 7: Shows the Enormous SideView:

Have a detailed inside look at the House comprising of 11 Images:

Uptil now, you saw the frontal views and pictures from the outside. Make sure you also view the house in detail from the inside. As I told you in the beginning that the house is enormous so our article is also going to be broken into pieces so that one person who is bored enough, may not get bored enough to leave our website. Small chunks, inhibit more effect.

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