Giant pickle replacing bread around sandwich at a restaurant starts debate

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Internet is full of gossips and it’s quite a favourite place for such gossips to find their way towards getting viral. One restaurant is trying to break the stereotypes of the burgers while inviting the customers to ear burgers have giant pickle instead of bread. If someone asks me about my personal choice then obviously I would for a bread burger because it’s crispy and adds a nice flavour to the burger. Salad and sauce complement the bread in a well manner along with beef or chicken. I wouldn’t talk more about burgers as many among the readers would leave this article in order to get themselves some burger.

This restaurant provides customer with more adventurous recipes. There are certain variations in the type of bread available which often customers like for sake of changing the flavour. This restaurant has gone a little way ahead of others when it comes to customizing the burgers. It calls itself a ‘Home of Original Pickle Sandwich.’ You can even opt for cucumber if those who have a flavour for this item.

These different kinds of burgers started to appear on the Facebook page of Elsie. Later, it started to circulate the social media as major blog sites started to pick up the news story. 

The customers are having mixed opinion regarding this pickle sandwich. Some customers say that this was a different and an amazing experience. One customer said that trying a fresh pickle sandwich was a perfect experience. The restaurant Co-owner told Thrillist that they had a home recipe of pickle sandwiches and when they tried it for people. they loved it, so they decided to go on with this recipe. According to Elsie, people lost their minds because of the amazing flavour and thus they decided to roll with it.

Social media shares its opinion prior to trying out pickle burgers

Rhoda Fifer Berke wrote, “No…love pickles with…but not wrapped around the stuff I love.” However, another guy gestured that these burgers would be diabetic friendly. Geoggrey Perez in the comments wrote, “Can I just have a real sandwich with bread and the pickle on the side.

Jessica wrote that the burger made out of pickle would be quite annoying to bite into as inside would keep slipping outside. Alicia opined that if someone wanted a heart attack with all that sodium then he should go ahead. Hence, there are mixed opinions, but every post regarding these burgers is fetching good amount of comments, what are your opinions?

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