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He gets stuck in elevator before his very first surgery, proves doctors have best sense of humor

Medical student Joseph gets trapped in an elevator. He decides to record his survival video while being stuck in it. All his followers on the Snapchat started to get a minute by minute update uploaded by Joseph. This can be the best 21st-century survival log which he uploaded and documented through his mobile. He was lucky enough that his mobile was charged enough to enable him to record his updates. A lot of people will be surprised to know that doctors do have a good sense of humour. The Internet is quite happy with this doctor who made the entire situation quite funny. We are lucky that his Snapchat update has been uploaded to a social media website Reddit. So from there, we are sharing you all these pictures and his survival story which was shared with his Snapchat followers.

You should know that he spent his 60 minutes inside the elevator. Any Sane person of the 21st century will be quite embarrassed to spend this much time inside an elevator for doing nothing.

So he gets stuck and all he has in the elevator is his phone and laptop. So he decides to use any resource which he has in hand.

He kept on giving all the updates. Login into his Snapchat and start uploading pictures of him with a cool caption into his story.

He said that he named this laptop to some human. Here he is making fun of him being cast out of the human society entirely.

He decides to eat Wilson which is his laptop. The Internet laughed at this very snap quite a lot because it is first the companions which most humans deceive when ever he is stuck in some problem.

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