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Germany calls for insect protection laws by introducing ‘anti-pesticides legislation’

The world is growing more and more skeptical about the use of pesticides. In the past, like in 19th century, the farmers were still struggling to get a fruitful yield. It was Europe which found the method of rotation of crop in order to prevent the soil from losing its fertility. Later, manures and other additives were discovered which enhanced the fertility of the soil. It was found that the continuous yielding of crops was actually detrimental for the health of the soil. The science helped humans bypass the natural recovering period of the soil. Later on, in order to prevent insects from harming the soil, a separate method was used, the use of pesticides. It was found the ferocious insects were against certain crops and they used to harm the amount of yield produced. Therefore, pesticides and insecticides were used.

In contemporary world, the human beings are trying to find out the importance of each animal in this ecosystem. Like, the insects, birds and the role of other plants. It was found that nothing is created without any usage in this world. Everything had a role to play. Humans also found that by extincting one thing, they were actually putting the life of the other thing which fed on it, in danger. Therefore, the recent efforts are being made to go for organic crops. These crops are important, because these are produced without any additives. Germany is trying to legislate in order to protect the crops and insects. Environment minister Svenja Schulze’s has created an action plan for protecting insects and it would provide €100m for the cause. This is a bold and unique move for the world.

Germany plans on diverting the amount spent on pesticides to the research. The global concern has grown which accounts for the impact of human beings on the invertebrates. The German environmental minister is getting quite vocal in order to force the legislators make a law for the prevention of the insects. The plan of the minister would provide €100m for the cause and €25m for research. Germany also plans to stop allocating more land for roads and house construction till 2050 and would attempt to reduce light exposures at night for helping the six-legged creatures. The minister for environment is from the Social Democratic Party and she is going to find it hard while passing the law through the Christian Democratic Party which is in government.

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